Access tokens

Edgeworx Cloud supports basic HTTP authentication through access tokens.

Simply pass the token as username in the HTTP Basic authentication header. If you are doing the base64 encoding yourself, don’t forget to append a single : at the end of your token before encoding.


  • Inside a URL:
  • As an HTTP header (base64 encoded)
    { headers:
        { Authorization: "Basic " + window.btoa("<access_token>:")}
  • As a login option in edgectl or for a specific command
edgectl login --token <access_token>
edgectl --token <access_token> account get <your_email>

Personal Access Token

Personal Access Tokens have the same privilege as the user they represent and have a lifecycle connected to the user account.

Personal Access Tokens

Project Access Token

Project Access Tokens have full access to the project they represent and have a lifecycle connected to their project. Those are the token used in the node register script .

Project Access Token

Third Party Access Tokens

You can create third party access tokens both at a project level and at an account level.

3rd party access token have a label and can be revoked at any time. Those are useful for using edgectl in a CI/CD environment or share access to a specific project to another account.