get account


Get account by UUID, email, or username. If no identifier
specified, get the logged-in account.

If flag --snapshot is specified, then get a detailed snapshot
of the account's resources. Use --json for full details.

Returns a non-zero status code if the account is not found.

  edgectl get account [--snapshot] [UUID|EMAIL|USERNAME] [flags]

  # Get authenticated account
  $ edgectl get account

  # Get detailed account snapshot
  $ edgectl get account --snapshot

  # Get account by email
  $ edgectl get account

      --snapshot   Detailed snapshot of account resources
  -h, --help       help for account

Global Flags:
  -H, --header         Print header row
  -j, --json           JSON output
  -M, --monochrome     Don't colorize output
  -t, --text           Text table output
      --token string   Access Token
  -v, --verbose        Verbose output