get node-register-script


Get the registration script command for a project. By default, a curl command
that is returned. Use --show-script to get the raw script contents.

  edgectl get node-register-script [--project PROJECT_ID] [--show-script] [flags]

  # Get the registration curl command for default project
  $ edgectl get node-register-script

  # Get the register script, and pipe it to a file for later use
  $ edgectl get node-register-script --project acme/proj1 --show-script >

      --project string   Project UUID or name, such as acme/proj1
      --show-script      Output the script content
  -h, --help             help for node-register-script

Global Flags:
  -H, --header         Print header row
  -j, --json           JSON output
  -M, --monochrome     Don't colorize output
  -t, --text           Text table output
      --token string   Access Token
  -v, --verbose        Verbose output