patch org


Update fields of an org. If ORG_ID is empty, the default org is used.

  edgectl patch org [--id ORG_ID] [--name NAME] [--description LABEL] [--web-url WEB_URL] [--logo-url LOGO_URL] [--country COUNTRY] [--phone OWNER_PHONE] [flags]

  # Change name of org "acme" to "acme2"
  $ edgectl patch org --id acme --name "acme2"

  # Update logo url for org having UUID
  $ edgectl patch org --id 6d154556-9e58-4330-a7f3-41c869f01142 --web-url

      --id string            Org name or UUID
      --name string          Unique name for this Org
      --description string   Human-friendly description
      --web-url string       Link to webpage
      --logo-url string      URL for logo
      --phone string         Phone of the org primary owner's account
      --country string       Country of the org primary owner's account
  -h, --help                 help for org

Global Flags:
  -H, --header         Print header row
  -j, --json           JSON output
  -M, --monochrome     Don't colorize output
  -t, --text           Text table output
      --token string   Access Token
  -v, --verbose        Verbose output